District IT department addresses lack of access to Spotify, Momentum

Central Times staff

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Students who have recently noticed that they no longer have Chromebook access to the popular music streaming site Spotify might have reason to believe that District 203 administration intentionally blocked its use. This, however is not the case.

According to Joe Jaruseski, District 203’s Director for IT Infastructure, what students are actually experiencing is a regional outage in the Chicagoland area. Students will once again be able to access Spotify on their devices as soon as the company fixes the problems on their end.

Another student concern has been the disappearance of the Chromebook application Momentum, which allows a user to personalize the Chromebook home screen with “to-do [lists], weather and inspiration.” This application was actually temporarily removed to improve compatibility issues and will be made available to students again as soon as the problems have been fixed.

“We had to remove Momentum from Chromebook use to allow other educational products to function correctly,” Jaruseski explained in an email. He added that the district’s IT department was “actively troubleshooting” with the publisher of the application to correct the problem.

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