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Naperville Central High School's award-winning newspaper.

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Naperville Central High School's award-winning newspaper.

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Our Awards




All-American Hall of Fame Inductee (2001)

National Pacemaker Award for print newspapers: 

1994 – 1995 – 1996 – 1998 – 1999 – 2004 – 2005 – 2006 – 2007 – 2008 – 2011 – 2012 – 2014

National Pacemaker nominations for print newspapers:


National Pacemaker nominations for websites:


Best In Show Awards for national conventions:

2017 (Dallas) 9th Place (tabloid 16 or fewer pages)

2016 (Indianapolis) 1st Place (tabloid 16 or fewer pages)

2015 (Orlando) – 9th Place (tabloid 16 or fewer pages)

2013 (Boston) – 2nd Place (broadsheet 9-12 pages)

2010 (Kansas City) – 5th Place (newspaper 13-16 pages)

2008 (St. Louis) – 5th Place (newspaper 13-16 pages)

2007 (Philadelphia) – 7th Place (newspaper 13-16 pages)

2006 (Nashville) – 6th Place (newspaper 13-16 pages)

2005 (Chicago) – 9th Place (newspaper 13-16 pages)

2004 (Atlanta) – 5th Place (newspaper 13-16 pages)

2003 (Washington D.C.) – 3rd Place (newspaper 13-16 pages)

2002 (Dallas) – 1st Place (newspaper 13-16 pages)

1999 (Atlanta) – 3rd Place (newspaper 13-16 pages)

1998 (Washington D.C.) – 2nd Place (newspaper 9-12 pages)

1996 (Chicago) – 6th Place (newspaper 9-12 pages)

1995 (Kansas City) – 1st Place (newspaper 9-12 pages)

Individual Awards:

2015 – Maggie Cody: Infographic Design of the Year, honorable mention

2013 – Moira Blodgett: Editorial Cartoon of the Year, 4th place; Newspaper Page/Spread Design of the Year, honorable mention

2012 – Mike Palmer: Sports Story of the Year, honorable mention; Yasmin Gentry, Editorial/Opinion Story of the Year, honorable mention; Hannah Madonia, Diversity Story of the Year, honorable mention

2011 – Christin Lang: Newspaper Page One Design of the Year, honorable mention

2010 – Ike Swetlitz and Emma Weissmann, Editorial/Opinion Story of the Year, honorable mention

1998 – Laura Zimmermann, Diversity/Multiculturalism Story of the Year, 2nd place



Certified Journalism Educator (CJE) designation: Linda Kane, Keith Carlson

2013 – Keith Carlson, Rising Star Award for journalism advising

2010 – Linda Kane, Lifetime Achievement Award for journalism advising

Individual Write-off Awards from national conventions:

2020 (Orlando [digital]) –

2019 (Washington D.C.) –

2018 (Chicago) –

2017 (Dallas) –

2016 (Indianapolis) –

2015 (Orlando) – Excellent: Sahi Padmanabhan, review writing; Nicole Simos, graphic design: infographics; Honorable Mention: Maya Fenter, feature writing; Lexi Haskell, sports writing; Elena Byrd, editorial cartooning; Alison Pfaff, newswriting

2014 (Washington D.C.) – Superior: Sahi Padmanabhan, review writing; Honorable Mention: Drew Quiriconi, editorial writing; Gloria Korpas, feature writing

2013 (Boston) – Superior: Gloria Korpas, news writing; Honorable Mention: Meaghan Bedigian, sports writing; Michelle Maynard, editorial cartooning; Emily Zhen, news editing/headline writing

2012 (San Antonio) – Excellent: Anya Marchenko, commentary writing; Mark Kim, sports writing; Moira Blodgett, editorial cartooning; Honorable Mention: Durva Trivedi, news editing/headline writing

2011 (Minneapolis) – Excellent: Lydia Fern, news writing; Christin Tang, editorial writing; Yasmin Gentry, review writing; Moira Blodgett, editorial cartooning; Honorable Mention: Mark Kim, sports writing; Hannah Madonia, commentary writing

2010 (Kansas City) – Superior: Yasmin Gentry, review writing; Shannon Marks, advertising; Excellent: Nicole Pellegrini, commentary writing; Honorable Mention: Emma Weissmann, editorial writing

2009 (Washington D.C.) – Superior: Nicole Pellegrini, commentary writing; Excellent: Jake Bumpus, newspaper layout; Honorable Mention: Erik Wang, review writing

2008 (St. Louis) – Superior: Alicia Ciambrone, editorial cartooning; Excellent: Alex Higgins, news writing; Kate Sternecky, advertising; Honorable Mention: JuJu Kim, feature writing; Priscilla Liu, commentary writing; Laura Windes, newspaper layout; Casey Berner, photography portfolio

2007 (Philadelphia) – Superior: Alex Higgins, news writing; Erica Chen, commentary writing; Chris Simon, computer design: photoshop art; Excellent: JuJu Kim, feature writing; Nick Schlund, sports writing; Honorable Mention: Hannah Oppenheimer, editorial writing; Nicole Stawiarski, review writing; Casey Berner, yearbook sports photography

2006 (Nashville) – Superior: Vivek Durai, commentary writing; Excellent: Alex Ruppenthal, sports writing; Elisabeth Lawrence, review writing; Katie Dohse, copy editing/headline/caption writing; Neil Chatterjee, newspaper layout; Honorable Mention: Kelly Brdicka, feature writing

2004 (Atlanta) – Superior: Ayesha Awan, sports writing; Excellent: Christina Beaird, newspaper layout; Honorable Mention: James Foley, feature writing; Ashley Keyser, copy editing/headline/caption writing

2003 (Washington D.C.) – Excellent: Katelyn Eichwald, editorial cartooning; Honorable Mention: James Foley, news writing; Marylee Richardson, feature writing; Ashley Ayan, black and white newspaper photography

2002 (Dallas) – Superior: Marylee Richardson, feature writing; Honorable Mention: Chelsea Schafer, review writing; Jordan Buller, computer design: infographics; Ashley Ayan, black and white newspaper photography



Crown Awards:

Gold Crown for newspaper: 1995 – 2000 – 2001

Gold Crown for hybrid publication (newspaper and website): 2016

Silver Crown for newspaper: 1993 – 1996 – 1997 – 1998 – 2004 – 2005 – 2006 – 2007 – 2008 – 2010

Silver Crown for digital news: 2012

Silver Crown for hybrid publication: 2015 – 2019

Gold Circle Awards:

2017 – Certificate of Merit: Yoo Young Chun, Naina Prasad, Neya Thanikachalam, single subject news or feature package – single page design

2016 – 1st place: Drew Quiriconi, off-campus personal opinion issue, digital media; 3rd place: Alison Pfaff, photo slideshow, digital media; Maggie Cody, informational graphics, digital media

2015Certificate of Merit: Maggie Cody, full-page photo layout for news publications; Drew Quiriconi, op-ed or news analysis page design for news publications

20141st place: Leah George, comic cartoons/digital media; 2nd place: Sharon Pan, op-ed or news analysis page design portfolio of work; Certificate of Merit: Gloria Korpas, page one design portfolio of work; Hamad Niazi, editorial page design; Durva Trivedi, digital breaking news

20121st place: Matt Kulling, sports commentary; 3rd place: Miranda Lundin, general feature; Miranda Lundin, single sports photograph; Jenny Zhang, editorial page design, tabloid format; Certificate of Merit: Tom Wojcik, general or humor commentary; Central Times staff, headline writing; Central Times staff, overall design, tabloid format

20111st place: Haleigh Buchfink, op-ed or news analysis page design: tabloid format; 2nd place: Central Times staff, caption writing; Certificate of Merit: Nicole Pellegrini, typography, designed or art headline

20101st place: Nicole Pellegrini, feature page design: tabloid format black and white; 2nd place: Katherine Janda, sports cartoons; 3rd place: Corey Anderson, single spot news photograph, black and white; Central Times staff, overall design: tabloid format; Certificate of Merit: Eric Wang, general or humor commentary

20081st place: Hannah Oppenheimer, information graphics: factoids; Alex Ruppenthal, Casey Talbot & Elise Povejsil, news writing; Casey Talbot, page one design: tabloid, feature four color; Paul Mueller, photo layout: full page tabloid, color; 2nd place: Katie Dohse, single subject presentation (single page): black and white with one color; Casey Talbot, full page multiple advertisements black and white; Hannah Oppenheimer, sports page design: tabloid black and white; Certificate of Merit: Chris Simon, art/illustration portfolio of work; Chris Simon, sports cartoon; Vivek Durai, information graphics: text, pullout, at-a-glance boxes

2007Certificate of Merit: Hannah Oppenheimer, sports page design: news

2006Certificate of Merit: Anna Johnpeter and Mary Patterson, sports writing: personality profile; Tiffany Lu and Megan McCahey, photo story

20051st place: Katelyn Eichwald, art/illustration: black and white with one color; 3rd place: James Foley, entertainment review, Nikesh Bajaj, single feature photograph: color; Certificate of Merit: Megan McCahey, single feature photograph: color

2004Certificate of Merit: Dave Hubbard, personality profile; Dave Hubbard, first person experience; Katelyn Eichwald, art/illustration portfolio of work; Ryne Nelson, sports page design

20031st place: Shannon Segalla, photo layout: full-page color; 3rd place: Zach Clifton, editorial writing; Certificate of Merit: Nina Bhatti, advertising and advertising photography: advertising page; Kim Reishus, news page design: tabloid

20021st place: Roald Munaz, cartoons (portfolio); 2nd place: Erin Zinsmeister, sports page design: spot color; Certificate of Merit: Wenyi Cai, general feature; Wenyi Cai, general/humor column; Roald Munaz, photo story

20011st place: Jonathan Kayes, entertainment reviews; Kate McDonough, first person experience; Zach Zigterman, sports page design; 2nd place: Alan Liu, general/humor column; 3rd place: Nik A.D. Cabcera, sports photo: portfolio; Certificate of Merit: Melissa Tomei, news feature; Lauren Harshberger, first person experience; Alan Liu, information graphics: black and white

19991st place: Alan Liu, sports page design; 2nd place: Alan Liu, sports features writing; Certificate of Merit: Michael Rossi, sports features writing

19972nd place: Yuval Sharon, opinion page design/editorial page



Team State Championships:

2006 – 2010 – 2017

Team Sectional Championships:

2006 – 2008 – 2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2013 – 2016 – 2017

Team State finishes:

2019 – 4th place (technically 3rd behind tie for 2nd)

2016 – 3rd place

2014 – 7th place

2013 – 3rd place

2012 – 7th place

2009 – 6th place

2008 – 3rd place

2007 – 3rd place

Individual State Medalists:

2021 – 

2020 – Cancelled due to COVID-19

2019 – Yoo Young Chun, 2nd place in Editorial Cartooning; Sam Wichhart, 2nd place in Infographics; Madeleine Chan, 2nd place in News Writing; Ellen Spencer, 3rd place in Photo Story Telling; Laaiba Mahmood, 6th place in Copy Editing

2018 – Megan Mehta, STATE CHAMPION in Yearbook Copy Writing

2017 – Lexi Haskell, STATE CHAMPION in News Writing; Safa Habib & Yoo Young Chun, STATE CHAMPION in Yearbook Theme Development; Sasha Fenton, 3rd place in Info Graphics; Neya Thanikachalam, 5th place in Feature Writing; Sanya Rupani, 5th place in Yearbook Layout: Double-Page Spread

2016 – Maya Fenter, STATE CHAMPION in Feature Writing; Yue Ren, STATE CHAMPION in Editorial Cartooning; Drew Quriconi, 4th place in Copy Editing; Maneesh Somisetty, 5th place in Headline Writing

2015 – Maya Fenter, STATE CHAMPION in Feature Writing; Leah George, 4th place in Advertising; Sharon Pan, 4th place in News Writing

2014 – Meaghan Bedigian, 3rd place in Copy Editing; Maggie Cody, 3rd place in Infographics; Sharon Pan, 4th place in News Writing; Tiffany Xu, 5th place in Feature Photography; Michelle Maynard, 6th place in Advertising; Caylee O’Connor, 6th place in Broadcast News Writing

2013 – Ariana Guerra, STATE CHAMPION in Newspaper Design; Anya Marchenko, STATE CHAMPION in Editorial Writing; Durva Trivedi, 2nd place in News Writing; Mary Millar, 3rd place in Yearbook Layout (double-page spread)

2012 – Jonathan Leong, 3rd place in Newspaper Design; Miranda Lundin, 4th place in Yearbook Theme Development; Mike Palmer, 4th place in Newspaper Sports Writing; Christin Tang, 4th place in Yearbook Theme Development, 6th place in Headline Writing

2011 – Ike Swetlitz, 2nd place in Copy Editing; Grant Myatt, 4th place in Yearbook Layout (double-page spread); Moira Blodgett, 5th place in Advertising

2010 – Emily Van Etten, STATE CHAMPION in Copy Editing; Katherine Janda, STATE CHAMPION in Editorial Cartooning, 2nd place in Advertising; Jake Bumpus, 2nd place in Newspaper Design; Shannon Marks, 2nd place in Yearbook Theme Development; Nicole Pelligrini, 2nd place in Yearbook Theme Development; Eric Wang, 2nd place in Review Writing

2009 – Nicole Stawiarski, 3rd place in Review Writing; Grace Wong, 4th place in Editorial Writing; Kate Sternecky, 5th place in Headline Writing; Alicia Ciambrone, 5th place in Advertising, 6th place in Editorial Cartooning; Laura Windes, 6th place in Infographics

2008 – JuJu Kim, 2nd place in Sports Writing; Erica Chen, 2nd place in Newspaper Design; Elise Povejsil, 2nd place in News Writing; Chris Simon, 4th place in Editorial Cartooning; Teresa Liu, 6th place in Infographics

2007 – Neil Chatterjee, STATE CHAMPION in Newspaper Design; Katie Dohse, STATE CHAMPION in News Writing, 6th place in Yearbook Copy Writing; Kelly Brdicka, 4th place in Feature Writing; Alex Ruppenthal, 4th page in Yearbook Layout (double-page spread), 6th in Sports Writing

2006 – Paul Mueller, STATE CHAMPION in Photography; Lauren Mallett, 2nd place in Editorial Writing; Kelly Brdicka, 3rd place in Newspaper Design; Sydney Campbell, 3rd place in Editorial Cartooning; Neil Chatterjee, 3rd place in Newspaper Design; Julie Reishus, 6th place in News Writing



2019 – 3rd place: Best Hybrid Publication, Division 4; 3rd place: Best Overall Publication, Division 4

20183rd place: Best Hybrid Publication, Division 5; 3rd place: Best Overall Publication, Division 5

20173rd place: Best Hybrid Publication, Division 6; 3rd place: Best Overall Publication, Division 6

20163rd place: Best Hybrid Publication, Division 5

Individual Awards:

2019 – 1st place: CT Staff, Staff Editorial; Yoo Young Chun, Editorial Cartoon; CT Staff, Social Media Use; 2nd place: Alana Cervera & Noelle Schwarz, Feature Story; Alana Cervera, Sports Commentary; Yoo Young Chun, Illustration; Sam Wichhart, Alternative Storytelling; Yoo Young Chun, Claire Paschke & Laaiba Mahmood, Centerspread Story Package; Alana Cervera & Thom Blair, Website; 3rd place: Abby Rohe, Sports News; Yoo Young Chun, Serious Commentary; Sam Wichhart, Sports Photo; Laaiba Mahmood, Infographic; Mary Szymanski, Front Page Design; honorable mention: Vivian Zhao, News Story; Claire Paschke, Blogger

2018 – 1st place: Ana Turner, In-Depth News Story; Neya Thanikachalam, Personality Profile; Megan Troke, Sports Commentary; Ana Turner, Review; Yoo Young Chun, Naina Prasad & Neya Thanikachalam, Single Story Package; Megan Troke, Best Blogger; 2nd place: Megan Troke, Sports Commentary; Neya Thanikachalam & Staff, Staff Editorial; Neya Thanikachalam, Infographic; Riddhi Andurkar, Alternative Storytelling; Riddhi Andurkar, Social Media Use; Sam Wichhart, Ana Turner & Neya Thanikachalam, Single Story Package; Neya Thanikachalam & Yoo Young Chun, Centerspread Story Package; Central Times Staff, Overall Print Design; Riddhi Andurkar, Best Website; 3rd place: Neya Thanikachalam & Riddhi Andurkar, News Story; Megan Troke, Sports News; honorable mention: Neya Thanikachalam, In-Depth News Story; Neya Thanikachalam, Personality Profile; Alana Cervera, Sports News; Neya Thanikachalam & Staff, Staff Editorial; Neya Thanikachalam, Serious Commentary; Ana Turner, Headline Writing; Ana Turner & Yoo Young Chun, Centerspread Story Package; Mary Szymanski, Front Page Design;

2017 – 1st place: Sasha Fenton, Alternative Storytelling; Sanya Rupani, Lexi Haskell & Neya Thanikachalam, Centerspread Story Package; Lexi Haskell, Sanya Rupani & Sasha Fenton, Front-Page Design; Neya Thanikachalam, Personality Profile; Sanya Rupani, Illustration; Virginia Aabram, Blogging; Sasha Fenton, Website; 2nd place: Lexi Haskell, In-Depth Story; Julie Park, Use of Social Media; Yoo Young Chun, Lexi Haskell & Riddhi Andurkar, Single-Page Story Package; CT staff, Overall Design; Lexi Haskell, Sports Commentary; Lexi Haskell, Staff Editorial; Drew Kanne; News/Feature Photo; Lexi Haskell, Sports Photo; Sanya Rupani, Editorial Cartoon; Sasha Fenton, Infographic; Lexi Haskell, Drew Kanne & Jacek Kulak, Multimedia Story Package; 3rd place: Julie Park, Headline; Drew Kanne, Review; honorable mention: Lexi Haskell & Neya Thanikachalam, Feature Story; Zain Habib, Advertisement; Julie Park, Sports Feature.

20161st place: CT staff, Overall Design; CT staff, Front-Page Design; Lindsey Pruett, Single-Page Story Package, Drew Quiriconi, Single-Page Story Package; Sanya Rupani, Single-Page Story Package; Nicole Simos, Single-Page Story Package; Drew Quiriconi, Multimedia Story Package; Yue Ren, Illustration; 2nd place: CT staff, Use of Social Media; Sahi Padmanabhan, Staff Editorial; Drew Quiriconi, Staff Editorial; Katrina Weiland, Illustration; 3rd place: CT staff, Use of Social Media; honorable mention: CT staff, Website; Drew Quiriconi, Staff Editorial, Sahi Padmanabhan, Staff Editorial; Sahi Padmanabhan, Multimedia Story Package, Freja Sonnichsen, Multimedia Story Package.



Golden Eagle Award (Print):

1992 – 1994 – 1995 – 2001 – 2002 – 2003 – 2005 – 2006 – 2007 – 2008 – 2010 – 2011 – 2013 – 2015 – 2019

Golden Eagle Award (Web):

2016 – 2019

Individual Awards:

2019Blue Ribbons: Alana Cervera and Noelle Schwarz, Feature Writing; Ana Turner, Web: Breaking News; Editorial Board, Editorial Writing; Yoo Young Chun, Column Writing; Claire Paschke, Column Writing; Sam Wichhart, Web: Photo Gallery; Sam Wichhart, Graphics; Honorable Mentions: Laaiba Mahmood and Claire Paschke, Team In-Depth Reporting; Alana Cervera, Individual In-Depth Reporting; Sam Wichhart, Review Writing; Laaiba Mahmood, Newspaper Photography.

2016Blue Ribbons: Sahi Padmanabhan, News Writing; Lexi Haskell and Naina Prasad, Team In-Depth Reporting; Freja Sonnichsen, Individual In-Depth Reporting; Lexi Haskell, Sports Writing; Yue Ren, Graphics; Freja Sonnichsen, Ad Design; Honorable Mentions: Drew Quiriconi, Feature Writing; Drew Quiriconi and Sahi Padmanabhan, Editorial Writing; Lexi Haskell, Column Writing; Sahi Padmanabhan, Newspaper Photography; Sahi Padmanabhan and Freja Sonnichsen, Web Photo Gallery.



2020 – All-KEMPA distinction

2012 – All-KEMPA distinction



2019 inductees:

2018 inductees:

2017 inductees: Virginia Aabram, Riddhi Andurkar, Julie Park, Lindsey Pruett, Sanya Rupani, Neya Thanikachalam

2016 inductees: Sasha Fenton, Lexi Haskell, Naina Prasad

2015 inductees: Maya Fenter, Drew Quiriconi, Sahi Padmanabhan, Kian Krashesky, Leah George, Maggie Cody



2020 – Keith Carlson: Kettle Morraine Press Association’s Nancy Becker Newspaper Adviser of the Year 

2018 – Yoo Young Chun: graphic logo design selected as JEA Scholastic Journalism Week logo

2015 – Keith Carlson: ASNE Reynolds High School Journalism Institute recipient (Arizona State University/Cronkite Institute)

2014 – Linda Kane: Illinois Journalism Education Association (IJEA) Hall of Fame recipient

1996 – Linda Kane: Dow Jones Newspaper Fund Distinguished Adviser Award





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