Amanda Fox inducted to athletic hall of fame


Jimmy Dalton

Amanda Fox holds hall of fame plaque after receiving it on Feb. 3.

C.J. Getting, Staff Writer

Q: How do you feel about being inducted into the athletics hall of fame?

A: [I feel] so honored to hear everyone’s accomplishments and be alongside them. It’s very humbling and [it’s] a huge honor to be able to participate.

Q: Were there any lessons you learned from your career that you’d like to share with the students today?

A: I put so much into my sport and academics I was very disciplined in all aspects of life. I had to focus on what I could control. I was so focused on wanting to be the best in the classroom and in my sport. I put everything I could into it, and just focused on what I could do better and control what I could control.

Q: What was the highlight of your experience at Central?

A: I did a lot of visualizing before the [state] race, and being able to pull ahead was really a great experience. The adrenaline really just carried me through the race.

Q: What message or advice do you have for our current students?

A: You’re so disciplined in your sport, so be as disciplined in academics as you are in your sport. Sports aren’t always going to be with you so you need to focus on all aspects of your life, [like] healthy relationships, being focused on your family and friends and school, and just being well-rounded and don’t just define yourself by your sport.