Central Retirees: Janet Kay

Sarayu Suresh, Staff Writer

Janet Kay math teacher for 19 years

Q: What classes have you taught during your time here? 

A: Fundamentals of Geometry, Algebra 1, Honors Geometry, Algebra Two, and Precalculus. Also, Math support and Algebra Support. 

Q: What’s your favorite memory during your time at Naperville Central? 

A: When I was at the top of the Express stairs, and I had a student who was a popular young man. There was a special ed student who always crossed that path as well, and he just made a point of saying, “hey, how are you doing? Do you know where you’re heading?” He took him under his wing, and all his buddies followed his lead. It was so heartwarming.

Q: What are you going to miss most about Central? 

A: I will miss the diversity and richness of culture. I will also miss the talent and potential that I see. I love going through the front of the school, where they’ve got artwork, jewelry and pottery. You can go and see the sheds that are being built by geometry in construction. There is the greenhouse, and I think about the years I bought all my flowers there, and the talent never ends.