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Jonathan Leong, Profile Editor, Rob Shanholtz, Online Editor and Rob Shanholtz, Online Editor

October 27, 2011

Most teenagers will tell you that they spend their Friday nights going to parties or seeing movies. Instead, close friends and seniors Maureen Gray and Lisa Swanson train for the Illinois Shotokan Karate Club, one of the largest karate clubs in the nation. Gray and Swanson met when Swanson moved to Naperville during thir...

Sophomore nationally ranked boxer

Hannah Madonia, Staff Writer

February 24, 2011

Most high school students could tell you that they spend their free hours relaxing and catching up on sleep, and that the closest they get to real boxing is watching “Fight Club.” But sophomore Josh Matthews spends his free time tirelessly training, and as a result is recognized as a nationally ranked boxer. Matthews has fo...

Outside the lines: Art student explores creative interest

Shannon Marks, Head Photo/Focus Editor

November 21, 2010

An interest in art isn’t something new for senior Wendy Wei, she’s been taking drawing classes since she was seven years old and hasn’t stopped pursuing her passion for art since. Last year, Wei stopped taking private art classes and focused on creating a portfolio of work in the AP Studio Art class offered at Central...

Final beatdown: Teacher wins world championship in wrestling

Grant Myatt, Features Editor

September 28, 2010

Experience is key for Rob Porter, math teacher and head wrestling coach, who doesn’t just concentrate on wrestling while coaching. For Porter, wrestling is part of his life. Porter is an active wrestler in the veterans division, a league for athletes after the Olympic level, and competed in the world championships in Switz...

Breaking the Ice: Two Central students share their passion for figure skating

Breaking the Ice: Two Central students share their passion for figure skating

February 27, 2009

While most teenagers have never heard words “salchow” and “lutz” before, these terms are used ever...

Abroad perspective: Chinese exchange students shares stories of disaster, culture

January 31, 2009

Nicole Stawiarski Entertainment Editor On May 12 of 2008, junior Xiao Cheng felt the effects of the Sichuan earthquake more than 100 miles away while at boarding school. “The ground was shaking wildly and crazy, Cheng said. It would be five hours before he would hear from his family. Ultimately, the earthquake would ...