Central welcomes new staff members for 22-23 school year

Vickki Tsikouris

Courtesy of HawkTV

Vickki Tsikouris

Aiden Lu, Staff Writer

What’s your name?

Vickki Tsikouris. It’s a Greek name.

What’s your position here at Central?

I’m a school psychologist here.

What do you do as a school psychologist?

A lot of people tend to think it’s the same as a social worker, but it’s not. We deal with data a lot. If a student needs help, special accommodations, or an [Individualized Education Program], we help to [determine if] those students [are] eligible or not based on testing and the data that we gather. We also help with counseling kids or therapy.

What did you do before coming to Central?

I was a school psychologist at Wheaton North for 12 years. I worked in Lockport for another seven years before that.

What hobbies and interests do you have outside of school? 

I love traveling and interior design.

Did you go anywhere interesting over the summer?

I went to Greece this summer. It was lovely. We were in Athens. The food [was] amazing and everything was great. We spent another week on an island by the coast.

Are there any clubs, sports or extracurricular activities you’d like to get involved in?

I would love to. I don’t sponsor anything yet, but it’s something I’m definitely interested in doing. Maybe not anything athletic. One of the other ladies in my office is a co-sponsor for PRISM, and that’s kind of cool.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Just how happy I am to be here. All the staff and kids are really nice here. I feel fortunate to work here, and I’m really enjoying it so far.