Theatre Central to show ‘One Acts’


Natalie Langan

Theatre Central actors rehearse for their “One Act” performances.

Natalie Langan, Staff Writer

Theatre Central will be showing five student written and directed performances at their yearly One Act performances in Central’s auditorium on May 19 and 20.

The performance will feature the plays “Family Matters,” “The Pasta Thief,” “Family Reunion,” “The Coffee Dilemma,” and “Hop in!”

“Family Matters” follows siblings Keira and Nick, along with their parents Annette and Paul during a family gathering. As they prepare the house and welcome their guests, chaos follows them at every turn. 

“Family Matters” is directed by senior Katherine Fosco and stage managed by senior Jake Howard.

As the night goes on, the events that occur get more and more chaotic with many twists along the way,” Fosco said. The night ends with a family dinner, but for some, it ends sooner than others.”

Director and senior Jane Armstrong and stage manager and sophomore Nina Rao will be showing “The Pasta Thief.” This story, set in a nursing home, is a “whodunit” mystery, trying to find the thief who stole the residents’ annual pasta night dinner. 

“If people want to have a good laugh and see some poor stage combat, and some even worse square dancing, they should definitely come,” Armstrong said.

“Family Reunion,” is directed by senior Delaney Schretter and stage managed by senior Kara Gingrich. This show is about a guy named Charlie meeting his girlfriend’s family when he was accidentally invited to their family reunion. During the show, he struggles to impress her overbearing and hilarious family.

“My cast has worked so hard on this show so I want to make sure they get the audience they deserve,” Schretter said. “Not to mention, the other One Acts are going to be incredible as well. There’s such a good variety of shows you’ll see in one night, it’s going to be so cool.”

Senior Alexis Mucho will direct and senior Amanda Ritchey will stage manage “The Coffee Dilemma.” This show follows a group of friends when they find out their favorite coffee shop is closing down. 

“[It’s closing down] because the group of friends hasn’t been paying for their coffee and now they owe the coffee shop a lot of money,” Mucho said. “The friends think of various ways in order to try and find a way to keep their favorite coffee shop in business.” 

Senior Nicholas Zaccaria is the director and senior Lee de Francisco is the stage manager for “Hop in!,” which is about an Uber driver who keeps getting difficult passengers.

“People should come to see it because it’s really funny,” Zaccaria said. “They’ll get a good laugh and everyone in the cast has worked really hard.” 

One Act tickets can be purchased on show nights at Central’s box office for $5 each. There will be concessions sold in the lobby during an intermission.

“One Acts is such a fun production to see, between the nature of each show, the variety it offers, as well as the whole festival being completely student run,” Fosco said. “I’m so proud and excited for not only my cast, but every other person involved.”