Review: ‘Heartstopper’ fills my heart

Evelyn Krupicka, Entertainment Editor

Based on a graphic novel series by Alice Oseman, “Heartstopper” came to Netflix as a TV show on April 22. “Heartstopper” is everything “Love, Simon,” a LGBTQ film, wanted to be.

Put simply, “Love, Simon’’ ca- ters to straight allies such as myself, while “Heartstopper’’ is made for the LGBTQ community. The show was a journey of self discovery rather than someone being forced to reveal their sexuality.

At an age rating of TV-14, “Heart- stopper” is the new romantic coming of age story to rival all the trash put out by Netflix. Yes, this criticism is specifi- cally targeted towards the glorification of toxic relationships seen in the “Kiss- ing Booth” movies.

The show features Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and Nick Nelson (Kit Connor), both of whom go to an all- boys private school. Seated next to each other in a homeroom, or “form group,” much like our SOAR home- rooms, Charlie and Nick become un- likely friends. They encourage each

other through ups and downs, while also fighting romantic tension.

The acting is admittedly mediocre, but if people can worship “Twilight,” they can overlook it in “Heartstopper.”

This show can be enjoyable to ev- eryone, no matter your sexuality or gender identity. It is a story of grow- ing up without the compulsive het- erosexual point of view seen in the most media. Sure, many shows and movies throw in one gay kiss between background characters for the sake of being “woke,” but fail to be true allies. It seems more like pandering and less like allyship when LGBTQ characters are not able to have their own person- ality aside from their sexuality.

Put very simply, I have no quarrels with this show. The main controversy over it has come from loud homo- phobes, but they cannot deny the ex- istence of LGBTQ people. Every teen- ager has the right to be able to identify themselves with someone in the me- dia. This show will help.

“Heartstopper” is everything “Love, Simon” hoped to be and more and I would recommend it for everyone to watch.