Column: Shut up and drive

Luka Sereci, Business Manager & Focus Editor

My fellow students’ poor ability to drive and function in a parking lot has nearly driven me insane (no pun intended). I get it, we’re all teenagers, but c’mon, this is just sad. Get your act together. 

Going to a school with around 2,600 kids, it’s understandable that parking lots and nearby streets get a tad bit chaotic. Problem is, it’s not just “a tad” bit chaotic. 

On a typical day, it takes me about 40 minutes to get home. Google Maps says I live seven minutes away. With simple math, you can then calculate that the parking lot mayhem adds an additional 30-ish minutes to my voyage. 

Generally speaking, I’m a pretty patient person. If there’s a long wait, I’ll keep my mouth shut and wait. But having to wait for an irresponsible teen driver to let me pull out of my parking spot is not something I can do with a smile. 

In addition to loads of waiting, the environment conditions do not make things any better. And as you may know, cars are essentially metal boxes, which as you may guess makes it very hot. 

These two factors are bad on their own, but it’s the third and final factor that really puts me over the edge: the lack of common sense amongst my fellow student drivers. 

I’d like to assume that all students who operate a car have been professionally taught how to drive. Y’know, because it’s mandated by law?

That said, where did these skills go? With what I’m seeing in parking lots, I think a student is more likely to understand complex calculus and physics concepts than the basic idea of proper driving. 

Here’s a walkthrough of what a normal day looks like: After the bell rings, students rush out to the lot in an attempt to be the first to their cars. Next, red tail lights fill the lot as everyone tries to back up at the same time. A line of cars begins to form, blocking other cars from backing out of their respective cars. As anger and sweat level increase, patience levels rapidly decrease. 

This is where things get interesting. The NCHS parking lot has three main exits, but many different rows. Ideally, rows should alternate letting one another through to an exit, but this doesn’t actually happen. 

Within the first month of school, I have witnessed two accidents on or near school grounds and my own car has been hit as well. So yes, as much as I am mad, I am also worried for the safety of myself, and other students.

People try to cut one another, raising tensions between drivers. Students try to back up while lines of cars sit behind them. Additionally, parents flood the lot trying to locate their little freshmen and take them home, even though they enter the student lot. Shade intended. Meanwhile I sit in my car and contemplate my life.

Moral of the story is that I am fed up, and you should be too. Don’t be the reason I am crying in my car.