Junior Alex Wons releases debut album ‘Speak’


Pop album“Speak,” by junior Alex Wons was released on Feb. 24 and is available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and other music streaming sites.

Chloe Chan, Opinions Editor

After three years of working with a recording studio, making demos and perfecting each song, junior Alex Wons has finally released his debut album “Speak.” Released on Feb. 24, the pop album has 16 tracks.

Wons sings and plays piano on each track, while his production team played guitar, drums and bass. He also created the harmonies and other vocal tracks to compliment the main track. Sound Summit, a recording studio in Downtown Naperville, produced Wons’ album and helped him record his songs up to professional standards.

“Voices In My Head” is the longest song on the album. Although Wons considered it the hardest track to record, it is his favorite off of the album.

“The reason that it’s seven minutes long is because I managed to cram in multiple different themes into one song,” Wons said. “Usually a song only has one main idea but this one had many. I’m proud that I was able to put them all into one song and am so happy with how it turned out.”

Junior Keith Yahr, a good friend of Wons’, believes that he has accomplished so much, especially for his age.

“I just think it’s crazy what he’s been able to do and the journey [he] has come on,” Yahr said. “I think it’s great and he should keep pursuing this career because as you can see he’s doing a really amazing job at it.”

Junior Christiana Dubsky appreciated the thought put into the album and was asked if she could describe the album in one word.

“The word I chose would be ‘powerful,’ because I feel like every song on his album really stands for something about him and the specific emotion that he felt. To me when I listen to it I feel the vibe that he felt in the moment of him writing it.”

Working to make a career in music, Wons has already started writing a second album.

“To anyone that has listened to my music, thank you. I really do appreciate it. I definitely am not going to stop making music any time soon.”

Music has always played a large part in Wons’ life. The song “Small World,” is an example of why. The song is about three of Wons’ childhood best friends who were a grade older, so they would often go years without speaking as they started going along different paths. However, Wons noticed that they were never truly gone from his life.

“The song is about always running back into people who are meant to stay in your life,” Wons said. “They’re never truly going to leave you […] My dad’s 55-year-old friend came up to me and told me how that song word-for-word matched his story with his best friends. It’s amazing how music can relate to someone else and their very specific story. Music can have multiple different effects on multiple different people and multiple different stories.”