Despite lower numbers, boys diving team as strong as ever


Freshman Luke Wehrli performs a front flip with a one-half twist during practice on Dec. 6.

Ana Turner, Editor-in-Chief

With only four boys on Naperville Central’s boys diving team, the team’s  members may be small in numbers, but not in power.

Consisting of senior and captain Cameron Kalish, sophomore Aidan O’Malley and freshmen Nicolas Badrljica and Luke Wehrli, the team has been strengthened with the addition of the two freshmen boys.

Both freshmen students have reached their legal 11-dive lists in four days, something unheard of in diving.

“I coached from 1976 to 2010 and I had two  [other] boys who got 11 dives in three or four days,” boys diving coach Su Brennan-McGuire said. “The fact that these boys got it in four days is impressive.”

A legal 11-dive list consists of having two dives from a section of five categories: forwards, backs, reverses, inwards and twists, with one additional dive from any category.

Wehrli and Badrljica have already achieved this and are now looking to compete in both the freshman and varsity level during meets.

Prior to joining the diving team, the freshmen had no proper training.

“Over the summer I would just dive at Centennial and Wheaton for fun,” Badrljica said.

Badrljica’s teammate, Wehrli, joined him over the summer, and Badrljica was the main reason Wehrli joined the team this winter.

“I decided to join mainly because Nicholas convinced me, but then I thought about it more and it sounded fun to me and decided I wanted to be a team here [at Central],” Wehrli said.

The boys diving team has won one out of their three meets and are working hard to win more in the future.