Local dogs take a dip in Naperville’s dog exclusive water park


Photo by Ellen Spencer

Ana Turner, Editor-in-Chief

On Sept. 1, Wag N Paddle made its splash into Naperville as a new indoor dog park and pool. The park consists of three heated pools and an indoor park for dogs of all sizes to play in. In addition, Wag N’ Paddle offers four self-service bath areas and training facilities.

After being frustrated on a cold winter day three years ago, owners Shannon and Matt Bergman wanted a place to bring their two dogs to entertain them and stay out of the bad weather. They then had the idea of creating Wag N’ Paddle to not only have an indoor entertainment facility, but also a safe controlled environment where their pets can have fun.

“We have met so many awesome people and awesome dogs,” S. Berman said. “We love it and love seeing the excitement on people’s faces.”

In addition to being indoors, Wag N’ Paddle just recieved city council approval to build a 3000 square foot outdoor waterpark on the back of the facility. The owners are also working on bringing education for dog behavior and dog language to the park.

Since its opening, the park has impressed dog owners who were looking for a place like Wag N’ Paddle.

“I have a black lab who loves to swim and they have pools here so that’s why I came.” customer Laura Mckissack said. “It’s been a phenomenal experience, they have been so kind and are open the best hours.”

Wag N’ Paddle is located off of West Jefferson St. and is open all seven days of the week.

“We just want to create a safe dog community,” M. Bergman said. “Right now, this is our baby and we are just trying to make this one right.”