Central Speech Team hosts annual “Tournament of Roses,” 30 schools in attendence

Prem Chandrasekar, Staff Writer


The cafeteria, where all thirty school’s teams convene during their down time.

It’s Dec 10, 2016. It’s the weekend and it’s been snowing outside for most of the day. It’s also freezing cold. Most people are in the comfort of their home. However, the Naperville Central Speech Team is at Central competing in the Tournament of Roses, a 30-team speech tournament hosted by Central.

“[Preparation for the tournament is tough because coaches still] have to coach the students on their speeches and work with them,” Captain Katie Kahl, senior, said.

The captains also have to do this.

“[We] also have to coach students, and make the team a good place for everyone,” Kahl said.

A student presents his speech during the Tournament of Roses.

The preparation for the tournament starts a week in advance, with the major setup for the tournament taking place the day before. However, that is not the end. Central speech team members must come early to the tournament on Saturday in order to finish setup before 30 other schools arrive.

After the tournament starts, Central’s team must immediately begin competing.

“[The tournament] went like actually amazing,” Edie Blaze, junior, said. Blaze competed in Dramatic Interpretation.

Consensus on this was reached across schools.

“The tournament was very competitive, it went very well,” Anna Kural of Lyons Township High School said. Lyons competed in Original Oratory.


Photos by Sanya Rupani