Opinion: Nick Cannon needs neutering

Javen Oswald, Opinions Editor

Child support connoisseur Nick Cannon announced he is expecting another child with yet another woman.

Since 2011, Cannon has made his rounds, picking up baby mamas left and right. He just welcomed baby number 11 with his sixth baby mama, when just last year, he had three. His family (including baby mamas) can make up a basketball team including coaches. Getting them all together is basically a family reunion. The rate at which he is making these things is appalling.

Cannon told The Neighborhood Talk that he spends much more than $3 million in child support per year. According to celebritynetworth.com, his net worth is only $20 million, with his annual salary only being $5 million. So I’m wondering how he can be spending $3 million a year if he barely makes more than that?

There is no way that Cannon is a good father to 12 different children. I know some foster parents with many children who are great parents, but Cannon is dividing his attention between 11 kids with six different women. It is logistically impossible for him to be in the same place with all of them. 

These children are going to have to grow up fighting 10 of their siblings for their own father’s attention. It is sickening. Part of me thinks Cannon planned this so he can make a Hunger Games reality show of his kids and baby mamas. 

I, however, do have the solution for our society’s Nick Cannon reproduction problem: castration.

At what point can we just say enough is enough? Cannon already has his 12th kid on the way, why not just ensure it stops there? The issue has become large enough that he could get government funding.

There is a part of me that wants to feel bad for Nick Cannon because I believe there has to be some deep psychological childhood trauma that this all stems from. But at the same time, he is continuing to make children like it’s his last day on Earth.

By neutering him, we stop his ability to produce more of his clones, because more Nick Cannons is the last thing the world needs. With Ye running around already spewing antisemitism, having 11 more people following Nick Cannon’s footsteps is the second worst thing that can happen.

In 2020, Cannon was fired from ViacomCBS after making antisemitic remarks. He called Black people the “true hebrews” and also made many antisemitic conspiracies. Immediately after being fired, he retracted his statements and claimed that he has no hate in his heart.

Despite a useless apology, the damage had already been done, and he revealed his true thoughts.

Cannon can’t be allowed to raise kids with the same moral compass as him. If the damage has already been done, we can prevent more by just cutting them off.

I would not be surprised if the entire future generation of entertainers in Hollywood are from the Cannon family. At this rate he’s gonna have more kids than people in Vatican City. But to stop him from raising his small army, society has to take measures to stop all reproductive capabilities of Nick Cannon. Castrating him is our last hope.