Pride Fest features vendors, live music

Mack Gowan, Staff Writer

The second annual Naper Pride Fest was held at Naper Settlement on Sept. 10 and featured music and other live performances in addition to food, activities and vendor booths.

The event was directed by Margie Wolf, the co-founder and executive director of Naper Pride.

“[Naper Pride is about] more than being a pride organization, it’s about being proud of where you live and loving where you live,” Wolf said.

Wolf originally decided to plan the event as a way of building LGBTQ+ community in Naperville.

“[Events like Naper Pride Fest] are important because it gives people a chance to get together to celebrate,” Wolf said. “People are just walking around, they’re able to have fellowship with each other and to enjoy the day. We wanted to have an event that represents who we are as a community and celebrate it with who we are as a larger community.”

Wolf hopes to use the event to share pride with the Naperville community.

“Pride is not being ashamed of who we are, just understanding that we’re already here,” Wolf said. “This is not like a large number of LGBTQ people moving here. We’re already here. We just want to step out and enjoy the community that we’re already a part of.”

Alex Cahil was an attendee at Naper Pride Fest.

“I’ve enjoyed the event, I’ve been having a good time with my friends and enjoying the music,” Cahil said.

Cahil finds events like Naper Pride Fest important as a way of showing support to LGBTQ+ members of the community.

“[These events are important] so people don’t feel like they have to be shut in, and so people can actually be accepting of each other,” Cahil said. “Otherwise, the world would be full of a lot more hate.”