Math Team places first at Waubounsie Valley, now third in overall state rankings

Gabe Curtis, Staff Writer

Naperville Central’s Math Team placed first at Waubonsie Valley High School on Nov. 3. Central won the freshman, sophomore and oral events, while juniors and seniors placed second. The team also won the candy bar competition, and is currently ranked third in the state out of 55 competitive math teams. 

“We’re doing really well,” said head coach Marissa Rakes. “We’re usually around fifth or sixth, so the fact that we’re third right now, ahead of some really good schools that usually beat us, makes me feel pretty good.” 

“The team as a whole did really well,” Senior Evan Liu, a captain, said. “The meet was pretty typical.” 

Despite the pandemic, math competitions will still be held, but some standards and settings are not the same as they would be.

“Regionals and state are going to be virtual this year,” said Mrs. Rakes. “For our DVC and regionals, we’re not doing all the events that we normally do. Because it’s virtual, some of the competitions don’t work.”   

Students on the math team see the pandemic as a small inconvenience for math competition.

“It’s just that everybody’s wearing masks, that’s basically the only difference,” said Evan Liu. 

Despite restrictions, collaboration is still a major focus for the team. 

“People have been working really well together,” said Mrs. Rakes. “We have a really great student leadership team that’s helping all the different levels of students… I’m really proud of them.”

The team also recently took the AMC, or American Math Competition. Qualifiers will go on to take the AIME, or American Invitational Mathematics Examination.

“It’s an individual contest, but students can qualify for really prestigious future competitions,” said Mrs. Rakes. 

Students at Naperville Central interested in competing can find the team in Room 342 on Tuesdays after the regular school day.