Alexandra Weibel and Nicholas Weibel run into Bernie Sanders at Country House restaurant after a Sanders rally


Mary Szymanski, News Editor

The Weibel family got some after-Bern during dinner after first attending the Bernie Sanders rally earlier that day. After the rally, sophomores Alexandra and Nicholas along with their parents, John and Sophia, ran into Bernie Sanders at the Country House restaurant in Lisle.

They were discussing the talk when they looked up to see Bernie Sanders exiting the restaurant.

“My dad– he looks out, and hes like ‘oh there’s Bernie Sanders!’ and I was like, ‘nice dad, another dad joke’,” A.Weibel said, “then we peered out of the booth, [and there was] Bernie Sanders.”

Before he left they Weibels went over and asked for a picture. They discussed the talk and A.Weibel noticed there weren’t any bodyguards, just Sanders and his wife out to eat.

“A thing I learned from this experience…always dress like you are gonna meet someone famous, be prepared,” A.Weibel said.