Teacher moved to exclusively teaching physics classes

Elaine Zhou, Staff Writer

Regarded as humorous, interesting and helpful, Naperville Central teacher Timothy Banas is now exclusively teaching physics classes. 

Banas began teaching in 2002 and has mostly been teaching biology classes among others such as Anatomy and Physiology. Banas taught Biology and Honors Biology last semester, along with general physics courses.

“Leaving biology definitely makes me a little bit sad because I’ve taught biology for so long,” Banas said. “I had to leave a Biology class and [an] Honors Biology class that I’ve worked with for a whole semester which I feel sad about because I enjoyed working with them a lot.”

Alexander Wang, a sophomore who had Banas for Honors Biology first semester, described what it was like being in his class.

“[Banas] would teach in class and [make] the material easy to understand,” Wang said. “He was also a really nice person and implemented humor [to make] the class fun, but made it so it wasn’t a distraction.”

Banas said his transfer to physics was due to several previous physics teachers retiring or being transferred to other district roles. For example, Hans Muehsler, a former AP Physics teacher, became a project manager and Katherine Seguino, the former science department chair and teacher, retired.

“I’ve only had [Banas] for a week and a half, but so far he’s been really nice,” said Quinn Zhang, a sophomore taking AP Physics 1. “[Banas] is really helpful and I enjoy having him as a teacher.”

Banas plans on teaching physics as long as District 203 requires. 

“I think [teaching physics] is going really well right now and I’m very much enjoying it,” Banas said.