Album review: Basic Vacation’s self-titled EP

Maggie Cody, Entertainment Editor

The new, up and coming alternative band “Basic Vacation’s” self-titled EP is impressive. With the trending, fresh sound displayed on their album, I expect “Basic Vacation” to go far in today’s music world

The album starts with their pre-released single “I Believe.” This is a great way to attract new listeners because of its similarities to popular music right now.

The next song, “Jaime,” balances out the first with less of an upbeat tone. Their indie sound is similar to the band “Twenty One Pilots.”

The album continues onto “It’s All Happening,” showing the bands high hopes for their future, considering their new arrival to the music industry. Their excitement to release their first EP is displayed throughout the album, especially in this song.

“Basic Vacation” shows a lot of potential. Their unique, indie style separates them from many of today’s popular artists while also appealing to audiences who may like these artists. They display different styles of music throughout the album, showing both that they are capable of exceeding in more than one style and that they are still searching for exactly who they are going to be as a band.