Thanksgiving and its traditions

Rachel Cole, Opinions Editor

It’s time to bust out the forks and a loose pair of sweatpants, because Thanksgiving is coming up on Thursday Nov. 28. This holiday is normally seen as a time to spend with the ones you love, and reflecting on what you’re thankful for. One thing is for certain; Thanksgiving is a holiday that is interpreted and celebrated through many different traditions. 

There are Central students that have a variety of Thanksgiving  traditions. For some people, it’s a specific recipe.

“My family goes over to my grandma’s house every year, where she makes a very special lemon jello that we enjoy every year”, junior Danielle Gewin said. 

Some traditions also involve adding their own special twist to a classic Thanksgiving feast. For example, some people may even change the menu based on certain cultures that their family has. 

“My mom is from the philippines, so we have normal phillipino food that we eat every single year with her family,” Jenna Cima said. 

For other people, their traditions aren’t just the food they eat but the preparing of food. For some people, making their feast with their family in the kitchen is a way more memorable tradition. But thanksgiving traditions aren’t just about food. There are many other activities and events that people participate in as well during Thanksgiving. Whether it’s a race, a party, or even a turkey tree. 

“Every year me and my family runs the turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning,” Freshman Daniel Seybert said

In some cases people even combine Thanksgiving with another holiday and they wind up celebrating both.

“My family and I don’t really get together a lot, so we combine Thanksgiving with Christmas, We call it’s Thanksmus,” freshman Ellie Snyder said. 

Snyder is not the only person at Central who adds some Christmas flare to a classic Thanksgiving tradition.

“Every year on Thanksgiving, my family and I have a turkey tree that we decorate with Thanksgiving themed ornaments,”  senior Sam Schuelke said.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that means and is celebrated by people in different ways. These ideas are inspired by culture, classic tradition, and, most importantly,family. So if you’re looking for ways to add on to your Thanksgiving tradition, you can always explore all of these possibilities.