Q&A: Staff and students explain why they voted in the past election

Nathan Yuan, Aiden Lu, and Natalie Langan

“I wanted to make sure we kept our governor because I liked his policies. And I also wanted to make sure that women’s health care would be protected. I think it’s important for people, especially our age, to vote, because we are the future generation.”- Senior Megan Donson


“Everyone has the right to vote, needs to vote and should vote. I have the mentality that if you don’t vote you shouldn’t be complaining about the things you don’t like or that [are] bad.” – Senior Mylo Zard


“It’s important for us as teachers, especially of social studies, to set a clear example for how you should engage in  civic duties.” – Social studies teacher Matthew Zieman


“It is an important part of living in a democracy to put your opinion out there. And as a history teacher, I’ve seen what happens when people don’t vote or haven’t had the ability to vote.” – Social studies teacher Robert Luigai


“I felt like it was a really important way for me to be involved directly in the community, especially since there were mostly local elections.” – Senior Esha Singh


“Especially in the times that we’re in right now, with democracy being a little challenged, [voting] is [a] really an important thing to do.” – Science teacher Paige Lundquist


“I want to see change in this country.” – Senior Jackson Ruthig


“I feel like I [would] not be living up to my expectations as a citizen [if I did] not vote.” – Math teacher Nicholas Straka

“It is one of the few ways that you can get your voice heard.” – Science teacher Michael Forde


“I feel like it is our public duty to vote and representation is very important. And I feel that people should have a say in legislation and we need people that represent the majority and how we feel.” – Senior Lily Chekytis