District 203 updates website


Screenshot of District 203's website

District 203 updated its website on Oct. 29.

Emma Dram, Staff Writer

District 203’s website was updated on Oct. 29. Some of the changes include minimizing the tab structure across the tops of pages, consolidating links, and modifying the designs.

The websites of individual schools in the district were also updated.

Catherine Gottlieb, Naperville Central’s Learning Commons Director and manager of the school’s website, said the updates were largely focused on altering the appearance and functionality of the website.

“[The district is] trying to make it more user friendly,” Gottlieb said. “I think they felt it was due for a refresh.”

Gottlieb will not be making any drastic changes to Central’s website.

“I have some flexibility, but not tons,” Gottlieb said. “We have some standard templates that we have to use.”