Central’s record label Redhawk Records signs six artists

Emma Dram, Staff Writer

While looking for a new creative outlet for musically inclined students at Central last year, now seniors Mark Park and Sean Lee started a record label and called it Redhawk Records. 

“Essentially, we’re connecting producers at our school and anyone who does anything vocally to create music,” Park said. “And there’s a whole business team that’s helping with artists’ promotion and really teaching them how to market themselves so that they can promote their music.”

Park, president, approached Lee, vice president, in December of 2021. After extensive planning, Redhawk Records made its first appearance at club expo at the end of last year to recruit new members. The club was officially launched at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year.

“Mark and I’s final goal is to host a showcase in order to showcase the Redhawk Records artists and producers who’ve been a part of it,” Lee said.

Park and Lee intend for the club to continue even after they graduate at the end of this year.

Redhawk Records meet every Wednesday after school. Lee, involved with the club’s business team, spends that time collaborating with the business team while Park collaborates with the artists.

Students interested in getting signed to the record label must audition by sending in a portfolio with samples of their music recordings. Students with an interest in joining the business team can join the club without auditioning, no experience required.

So far, six student artists have been signed to the label. 

Students can look to the flyers around the school or contact Park and Lee for more information.