Central welcomes new staff 22-23

Javen Oswald, Opinions Editor

Twenty-one new certified staff members have joined the Naperville Central staff for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Principal Jackie Thornton was involved in the hiring of the new teachers. 

“There isn’t one main reason [for new hires], there are several,” Thornton said. “We had retirements. We had teachers who resigned to take a position in other districts. We had several leaves of absences. We had two teachers who took administrative or project manager jobs in the district that need to be filled.” 

The 21 new hires do not include the new members of Central’s support staff which is made up of any non-certified staff workers such as campus supervisors. 

“These are 21 outstanding candidates that we were able to add to our group and we’re thrilled to have them here,” said Thornton.