Science Dept. chair enters final phase of doctoral work


Cameron Rozek

Katherine Seguino

Jake Pfeiffer, Correspondent

Physics teacher Katherine Seguino is in the final phase of her doctorate program at DePaul University, after more than three years of attending educational leadership classes.

Seguino, the science department chair at Naperville Central High School, was able to attend these classes due to a partnership program between Naperville Community School District 203 and DePaul University.

Seguino had several paths opened up to her through this program, affording her various opportunities for after she retires.

“I am hoping that when I retire, a Ph.D. will give me the opportunity to maybe teach at a college,” she said.

She also received a superintendents certification, opening up opportunities for a career in district administration

Despite these benefits, Seguino did not pursue her doctorate for any foreseeable fiscal gain.

“It’s really just because I loved learning that I did it, there wasn’t any monetary goal attached,” she said.

The program gave Seguino an opportunity to learn about the diversity of educational experiences across Illinois, and the greater globe.

“I really grew a lot and just learning about equity and diversity was eye-opening,” she said.

In order to complete her doctorate, she is currently writing a nearly 200-page dissertation on incorporating climate education into schooling. 

Despite the stresses of writing a lengthy dissertation, and the over 3 years Seguino has committed to this program, she remains grateful for the experience.

“I’m glad I did,” she said. “It’s been a very rewarding program.”