Physics teacher pursues higher ed to benefit students as much as self


Noah Rozek

Hans Muehsler

Ivan Thankachen, Correspondent

Hans Muehsler teaches AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C at Naperville Central High School. He made the decision to go back to college to pursue his doctorate. 

Muehsler began his teaching career in 1994 and is currently in his 19th year of teaching at Central.

Muehsler is now studying at Northern Illinois University to pursue his doctorate in instructional technology.

“I am presently in a doctoral program for instructional technology for a number of reasons.” Muehsler said. “To learn more, to help my students more and to set up more opportunities for me.”

Muehsler decided to specifically pursue a doctorate in instructional technology due to the prevalence of technology in modern education.

“One reason is that it’s a rapidly growing field so I wanted to get in on that,” Muehsler said. “My professors also recruited me into the program. They wanted me to pursue the PhD and wanted me in their department.” 

Instructional technology contains many concentrations to explore. Research, instructional design, learning theories, teaching computer science and cutting edge technology in the classroom are all some of the topics Muehsler has dabbled in.

Muehsler tries and incorporates his learning from his doctorate program into the teaching of his students right away to improve their learning. 

“For instance, with our PLCs (professional learning communities), I do most of the data analysis for that,” Muehsler said. I’m looking at how I can use different pieces of technology to help my students. I’ve already been adjusting some of my teaching to that since all little things can make a huge difference.”