The superior sparkling water

Ellen Spencer, News Editor

Sunny and 70 degrees,  sitting in a hammock. The only thing to complete my perfect afternoon was a can of ice cold La Croix in my hand. La Croix is the perfect combination of bubbles and a hint of flavor. After taking my first sip of La Croix, my life was never the same.

There is absolutely nothing better to drink than a great can of La Croix.There are only benefits to drinking La Croix.

First of all, it is absolutely delicious. Drinking it is like drinking sparkles and a hint of flavor in each sip.

I have a really hard time drinking water. The flavor is just so boring, but I know that it’s important to stay hydrated for my well-being. Other beverages such as soda are exciting, but they also are so bad for me! Even drinks that seem healthy like juices are so artificial and put so many bad chemicals into your body. So the only way for me to stay hydrated and not guilty is La Croix.

La Croix has so many health benefits, as previously mentioned. La Croix has zero calories and zero sugar. It is simply carbonated water and natural flavoring. Compare this to Sprite, which has 140 calories and a whopping 38 grams of sugar.

The perfect in between! Great for your health and an exciting alternative to water.

La Croix also has so many delicious flavors including lemon, berry, apricot and my personal favorite, coconut. There’s a flavor to satisfy anyone’s taste for any occasion.

Each colorful can has a satisfying aesthetic, decorated with a colorful and trendy design in a variety of rainbow colors.  

The bubbles in each can add an exciting and energetic surprise in each sip. La Croix spices my life.