Central Spirts team prepares for upcoming show season


Jay Deegan

Colorguard team practices routine for their upcoming show on Feb. 5.

Natalie Langan, Staff Writer

The Naperville Central Colorguard team, the Spirits, are hosting their home show competition on Feb. 5 at Central. This is Spirit’s largest fundraiser for the team.

Sophomore, Kara Payton has done Colorguard for four years now, also starting in the park district program, The Stepperette Cadets. After aging out of the program she joined the Spirits.

“The best part of color guard is having such close bonds with people,” Payton said. “It’s so great being on such a close team because I’ll never have to go through things alone.” 

Freshman Ryann Furlow has done colorguard for two years, beginning in The Stepperette Cadets and joining the Spirit’s this year. She has expressed her excitement for the show and the upcoming season.

It’s about being heartbroken and lamenting the fact that you’re not in love anymore,” Furlow said. 

The Spirits have been working hard all season, even learning all of their drills (or where to be during the show) in two days. They also learned dance choreography, flag and weapon routines.

To see the Spirits and many other teams perform, enter through door eight or nine with tickets sold at the door. General admission costs $12, students and senior citizens cost $10 and kids five and under are free. The Spirits will be performing at 4:38 PM. To find out more about the competition, visit the Midwest Colorguard Circuit website.

“Come out on February 5, it’s gonna be a cool show. I know our weapon line this year is super awesome as always, [and everyone’s] been working super hard, and I’m stoked,” Furlow said.