Column: It’s the Buffalo Bills time to shine

Katie Dalton, Video Editor & Sports Editor

As a part-time Chicago Bears fan, I don’t even want to talk about what I  witnessed during the playoff game between the Bears and the New Orleans Saints on Jan. 10. So I won’t talk about them. Instead, I’ll focus on the team that grabbed my attention this postseason: the Buffalo Bills. 

The Buffalo Bills are currently sitting at a record of 13-3-0 in the National Football League. This is the first time that they have won a playoff game since 1995, and they went on to make it to the AFC Championship. The Bills have never been a very powerful team during my lifetime, and were always overlooked by me and, for the most part, many others. 

Josh Allen, a first-round-pick quarterback from the University of Wyoming, has stepped up in the 2020 NFL playoffs, currently ranked by ESPN as the seventh-best postseason quarterback. Sitting right below the 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson from the Baltimore Ravens, Allen has created a name for himself. Allen doesn’t do it all alone though, getting help from star players like wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

Diggs also created a name for himself on the Minnesota Vikings with 4,623 receiving yards during the beginning of his career. Diggs was drafted in the 2015 NFL draft in the fifth round after attending the University of Maryland. He was traded to Buffalo in 2020 and became the fastest to hit 100 receptions as a receiver for the Bills, and broke the franchise record for most receiving yards in a season. 

The Allen-Diggs combo was a dangerous threat to teams in the AFC East division and was very successful in the end as the Bills won the division. They weren’t only successful during the regular season but they have been equally successful throughout the playoffs, beating the Indianapolis Colts in the Wild Card Round and the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional Round. 

The dynamic running back duo of Devin Singletary and Zack Moss served as an offensive threat this season, with a combined total of 1,168 rushing yards. Even though Singletary and Moss created lots of opportunities in the regular season, Allen is currently leading the team in postseason rushing yards. The team’s offense has been the key to their success this season and will continue to be moving forward in the playoffs. 

The Bills’ defense was projected to be one of the best, but underperformed during the regular season. But even though they didn’t live up to their potential during the regular season, the defense has stepped up during the playoffs. The Bills’ dangerous combo of offense and defense should present problems for any remaining teams they face this season. 

Is it fair to say that I have hopped on the bandwagon? Maybe, but I’m glad to be here. I am not a Buffalo Bills fan nor will I ever pick a team to cheer for 100 percent of the time, but I am cheering for the Bills throughout these playoffs. I feel as if I have picked the best team to cheer for because of the history being made and the fan base known as the Bills Mafia that the Bills have created. 

Buffalo fans flocked to the streets and to the steps of Bufflao’s City Hall to celebrate recent  victories over the Colts and the Ravens. Drive-in theaters have been transformed into large family rooms as regulations have put a hold on gatherings. Ticket sales will definitely be through the roof next season. This season has transformed the Bills Mafia from great to even greater. When history is made, celebrations are to be held (in a COVID-friendly manner, of course). 

Now, all they have left to do to reach the Super Bowl is to beat the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs and their MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who was injured during their divisional round game on Jan. 17. By the time you’re reading this, you’ll know whether or not my team is rolling into Super Bowl LV or if I’ve had to jump on to a different wagon. Just know that if I’m forced to pick a new team to win it all, it won’t be the Green Bay Packers.