Theatre Central to Perform School Musical, ‘Les Misérables’


Lucy Ross

The cast of Theatre Central’s “Les Misérables” rehearses for their performances in May.

Natalie Langan, Staff Writer

Theatre Central’s 2023 musical, “Les Misérables,” will be showing in May.

The musical follows Jean Valjean, a French peasant who was sent to prison for stealing a loaf of bread. After his 19 year sentence, he decides to break parole, resulting in him being constantly hunted by police inspector Javert. He is then given silver with the purpose of him leading an honest life. Eight years later, Valjean becomes father to young Cosette after her mother’s death, with the duo living on the run from Javert. This story of love, friendship and freedom gives a view of the French Revolution through song.

Vocal Director, Kelly Mielcarz, says the production has been a lot to manage, but will be worth it.

“Les Mis is a very unique show as it is sung through,” Mielcarz said. “What this means is, the cast is never not singing. In a traditional musical, there would be moments where there is singing which would be followed by scenes between characters that move the story along. In this musical, the entire show is sung, and the story moves through the musical interactions between the characters.”

Theatre Central Director Susie Johnson has enjoyed the unique experience of directing a fully sung show.

“I am directing kids who are singing the whole time — rather than doing more traditional acting scenes at times and then maybe directing a song or two here or there — so it’s a very different approach,” Johnson said.
Mielcarz says one of the greatest things about NCHS is the ability to pursue lot’s of activities.
“On our Les Mis stage, we have musicians, artists and athletes, sixth grade through senior students, and they are all working towards a common goal,” Mielcarz said. “They have dedicated their time and talents to put on an epic show that they are not only incredibly proud of, but have created memories to last a lifetime while doing it.”

Both Johnson and Mielcarz are very proud of the cast.

“The talent is just unbelievable, and I have loved watching everybody grow in what they’ve done,” Johnson said. “From ensemble through leads, I think I see them doing something new, and more, and I love that the cast is so dedicated. It’s a powerful story, so it will affect audience members. I want people to see what our kids here are capable of, because I’m just incredibly proud of the work they’re doing and I want them to get a chance to show it to the world.”

You can purchase tickets here, or at the box office on a show day (cash only.) It costs $10.00 for students or seniors and $15.00 for adults.