2023 Mayoral Election Overview

Jay Deegan, Editorial Editor

On April 4, a consolidated DuPage County general election will be held. In Naperville, Mayor, four City Council seats, three Park District commissioners, three District 203 school board members and three District 204 school board members will be voted on.

In the Mayoral election, three candidates are running. Benny White, a Naperville councilman, Scott Wehrli, a member of the Liquor Commission and Tiffany Stephens, a local non-profit owner.

The candidate elected will be replacing Steve Chirico, who has served for two terms, first elected in 2015.

What is the role of the Mayor in Naperville?

The Mayor is a voting member of the City Council who serves as the public face of the city. They manage appointing citizens to the various boards and commissions, represent the city in various public events. The position is a full time job, paying just under $50,000 in 2023.

Who are the candidates?

Click on each candidate to see a brief biography and Q&A.

Benny White
Scott Wehrli
Tiffany Stephens