Upcoming ‘BookTok’ Adaptations

Natalie Langan, Staff Writer

“BookTok,” (or book TikToks,) has officially taken over the film industry, so here’s a list of upcoming book to movie adaptations to keep them all straight.

“Red White and Royal Blue” by Casey McQuiston

Alex Claremont Diaz, first son of the United States, wants nothing more than to wipe that smug smile off of Prince Henry’s face. They’ve had a secret rivalry for years, and it gets far worse once the tabloids snag a photo of the two in the middle of a fight.

 Before things get out of hand with the public and therefore worsen the chance for Diaz’s mother to be re-elected, both families decide to cover up the situation with an “unlikely friendship” forming between the two. 

Butwhat began as leaking photos to the press of the two having coffee became late night phone calls and texting when they should be working. Alex can’t help but begin a secret romance with surprisingly fascinating Henry, but if the truth came out to the world, then two nations could crumble. How are they meant to please their separate countries, and be together at the same time?

There is currently no release date, but it is expected in 2023.

“The Love Hypothesis” by Ali Hazelwood

Olive Smith, a Third-year PhD candidate, is focused on one thing and one thing only: School. However, when her best friend Anh relentlessly begs Olive to find a date, she must convince Anh that she’s already in a relationship. 

But this is a scientist we’re talking about, she needs to give Anh the best evidence she can; a kiss with the first guy she sees. It just so happens that this guy was Adam Carlsen, a young, hot shot professor that everyone else can’t stand. So she did what every self-respecting scientist would do; Convince the most hated person in school to be her fake boyfriend to get her best friend off her back. 

Except when their experiment becomes way too real way too fast, how can Olive prevent disaster?

There is currently no release date.

“It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover

Lily Blossom Bloom’s never been better than she is now. She graduated college, moved to Boston, started her own business and now has a spark with a dreamy neurosurgeon, Ryle Kinciad. She’s left to wonder how she broke his “no dating” rule when her first love, Atlas Corrigan reappears after years. 

Now as she’s starting to see some unhealthy signs in her and Ryle’s relationship, but she can’t seem to get her thoughts off of Atlas 

There is currently no release date, but it is expected in 2023.

“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Hollywood idol Evelyn Hugo is at last ready to tell the truth about her mysterious, classy life and hires none other than magazine reporter Monique Grant for the job. 

Monique’s had a rough go at life. She was left by her husband, and her career is going nowhere. 

So when Monique arrives at Evelyn’s magnificent apartment she quickly gets to work. She listens, mesmerized as Evelyn shares every detail of her life, all the way from her decision to leave show business in the 80s, and (obviously) the seven husbands she’s had throughout her life. As Evelyn nears the end of her story, Monique feels a strong connection with her and learns that her life is spun into Hugo’s tale in irrevocable ways.

There is currently no release date.