Opinion: PSA: Stay away from Logan Paul

Selah Lee, Staff Writer

Since 2013, Logan Paul has remained in the spotlight for being a bad person.. Formerly canceled for his distasteful forest incident, he made his rise again through his 0-1 boxing career and podcast known as “Impaulsive.” Now? He believes he is the target of the matrix.

“Impaulsive” features Paul and his friends often with a guest where they interview them about controversies and their lives. Recently, Paul came under fire for a clip from Impaulsive where he slams Impaulsive co-host George Janko for his Christian faith. 

People were unimpressed not only for his disrespect towards the beliefs of one of his “best friends,” but the way he went about expressing his thoughts. Janko remained level-headed and said Paul treats him worse about his faith and beliefs than people who hate him.

It only gets worse from here. Stephen Findeisen (who uses the online alias Stephen Coffeezilla) is an investigative cryptocurrency journalist who published a three-part documentary exposing Logan’s cryptocurrency scam. Paul heavily advertised Cryptozoo on his podcast as his new project and a “really fun game that makes you money.” Cryptozoo’s format allowed users to buy egg tokens that they can use to hatch NFT animals and then continuously breed them until they sell for money.

Logan got huge amounts of money from early investors and didn’t deliver on a single one of his promises to them. If you search Cryptozoo now, there still is no functioning game. Paul’s response to the immediate backlash and dislike ratios after the release of was to insult Coffeezilla, threaten a defamation suit, and say that the game is releasing in 2023-2024 because the coding is so complex.