Boy’s Bowling team places first in Regionals; to compete in Sectionals


Photo credit: NCTV17

Central’s Boys team won the IHSA regional championship.

Jay Deegan, Editorial Editor

Naperville Central’s boys bowling team placed first in their IHSA Regional competition on Jan. 14 with a score of 6166. Lyons Township followed Central in second place and Hinsdale South placed third. 

The team was led by sophomore Nate Taverna, who won the individual championship with a score of 1361. Senior Sean Lee placed third with a score of 1270, and sophomore Tommy Kradenpoth placed fourth with a score of 1238.

The Regional competition was held at Lisle Lanes, Central’s home bowling alley.

“One of our strengths was knowing our home house, knowing how the lanes would break down,” head coach Brian Dunn said. “That was an advantage we had. But one of our biggest strengths is the camaraderie of the team that’s out there, the support they give each other, their ability to be honest with each other.”

Taverna’s regional score resulted in beating a school record.

“We did very well. We excelled on spare making, especially just making our shots and like strike shots,” Kradenpoth said. “Obviously we won so I am definitely very happy about that.”

In their last season, the team placed second at sectionals.

“I feel like this year we definitely became better, by having better averages, better spare shooting, strike shots, all that has been more consistent,” Kradenpoth said.

The sectionals will be held on Jan 21 at Bowlero Glendale Heights.

“When they’re relaxed, they put in the physical work to be able to repeat shot after shot after shot,” Dunn said. “They’re trying to narrow their focus on where the ball is going just a little bit. Because if we can narrow it down, if they’re this close to their target that they’re aiming for, and they miss by a little bit, they’re still going to get a very good reaction, be in the pocket, probably strike.”

The sectional team will be composed of Taverna, Kradenpoth, Sean Lee, sophomore Aiden Lee, senior Aiden Rupp, and senior Nate McKinley.