Fire alarm set off at Central after students see sparks and smoke


Jay Deegan

5: Fire fighters were called after a fire alarm went off at Naperville Central on Jan. 17. Shortly after hearing about a fire in the building, our photographer ran outside to capture the moment of the firefighters entering the building. The composition of this shot is great, with the fire truck in the background, the light to be flashing and two firefighters who are walking to another day at work in the foreground.

Jake Pfeiffer and Jay Deegan

A fire alarm was pulled in Naperville Central’s field house after members of the girls track team saw sparks and smoke coming from an electrical box on the ceiling, according to Principal Jackie Thornton.

The alarm went off a few minutes before 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 17, meaning the school day had already ended.

Multiple fire department vehicles were called to the scene. Several police officers were also at the school.

Students were allowed back in the building shortly after the fire department arrived.