Students, staff bond over Canadian board game

Evelyn Zwicky, Staff Writer

The Crokinole Club meets weekly on Tuesdays after school in Room 331 and is sponsored by Central science teachers Thomas Sanoshy and Michael Forde.

The game, which originates from Canada, is played on a large, circular wooden game board, with small disks that are pushed to score points and knock opponents’ pieces off the board.

 Sanoshy discovered this game about a year ago. He introduced it to his coworkers, friends and family. He started the club to share the game with others and find new opponents to play. 

“It’s such an easy game to learn and it’s really quite fun,” Sanoshy said. “Pretty much anyone can play.” 

The club created its own ranking system that allows students to move up or down the skill scale depending on the outcomes of their games and how many points they won or lost by. 

“If you drop in for a game your ratings adjust,” Sanoshy said. “So you don’t need to be here every week, just whenever you play it counts.”

Freshmen Joshua Holman and Andrew Knalf first heard about the club through their teacher, Forde, and joined with their friends. They said the club was something fun to do and now they play for a ranking in the club.