Bike Club plans to expand


Photo courtesy of Jonathan Chang

Sophomore Jonathan Chang (middle) and junior William Wang (second from right) pose with fellow members of Bike Club during a ride.

Mack Gowan, Staff Writer

On the weekends, one group of students speeds down streets and through the woods on their bikes, wind blowing all around and their surroundings flying by as they pedal fast.

This group of students is Central’s Bike Club. The club is for students looking for a healthy sport that’s not very skill based, said sophomore William Wang. 

Junior Jonathan Chang and Wang co-lead the club, which meets every other Wednesday after school.

“We lead the meetings and the rides,” Wang said. “During meetings we plan out what rides we do, usually two rides per meeting.”

Rides typically take place over the weekends at a variety of locations.

“We bike anywhere, really. Through the forest, in the streets and on other bike paths,” Chang said.

Chang and Wang decided to form the club due to their similar interests.

“I love biking so much that I decided to form the club with William Wang so that we can bike with other people,” Chang said.

Bike club plans to expand past just biking.

“[Bike club] is thinking of starting a free bike repair stand sometime in the next couple of months. We’re going to set it up somewhere along a trail and fix anyone’s bike for free,” Wang said.

As co-leader, Chang says he is not only responsible for planning meetings, but also minting and distributing bike club bucks.

“Bike Club bucks are a special currency distributed by the club. They can then use them to buy certain prizes like a bike that costs 500 bike club bucks,” Chang said.