Column: The Try Guys try workplace sex

Javen Oswald, Opinions Editor

Try Guys member Ned Fulmer engaged in a “consensual workplace relationship,” according to his public statement. In other words, Ned forgot he had a wife and two kids while under the sheets with his producer.

I could go on all day about how he is a deceitful, immoral, promiscuous snake, but I won’t. Instead, I will focus on how the Try Guys’ are riding his infidelity out for views. 

The initial response by the Try Guys to Ned’s affair was commendable. They put him on leave, hired an HR team to review the situation, and after a review, removed Ned from further business pursuits. 

Eventually, when the internet found out the scumbag adulterer had just been kicked out of the Try Guys, the YouTubers were forced to make a response video. The video was short and discussed how Ned would be edited out from all future videos and was overall a very good video.

The problem as I see it comes after the video when the remaining Try Guys start posting about their “trauma.” I have no doubt that it was a stressful month while they were trying to figure out how to handle the situation, but now they are tweeting saying, “I wonder how the guys are coping during all of this?” Can we not be so dramatic? Your friend got laid. 

They’re riding this situation out, and the real victim hurting is Ned’s wife Ariel. Nobody can begin to understand what she’s feeling — her husband was number one trending on Twitter for an affair he had with a subordinate. Instead of giving her privacy, the Try Guys are posting Tweets glorifying their “trauma.”

I can understand that the event may have been stressful, especially to Zach who took the lead in crisis management. But these are multimillionaires. The main threat to them was money.

In that same episode, they refer to this event as a death in the sense that it is a loss. Zach says fans have to deal with their trauma before they can go back and watch old videos with Ned in them. This might be more over dramatic than Trisha Paytas crying on her kitchen floor. 

Everyone continues to make their rounds on the internet about this situation when in reality it is not that important of an issue. I understand this might come off as hypocritical since I just wrote an entire article about this topic, however, the point is that this issue should have never even been brought to the public eye. 

Ned is an idiot and possibly caused unfixable damage to his family. He has to deal with the public shame of his actions from now on. Whether his wife decides to forgive him is not a public matter. 

The Try Guys made a series of good opinions but are now squandering them by causing more harm to a young family. Ned deserves all the backlash he gets, but the internet has to remember he has a wife right now who may be experiencing much more.