Swifties’ theories get put to rest as Taylor Swift’s new album releases soon

Stella Williams, Staff Writer

On Aug. 28, when receiving her VMA award for Best Longform Video, Taylor Swift dropped a bombshell of a surprise on her fans. Swifties had been waiting for this day since Swift released her ninth album “Evermore.” With the re-recordings of her old albums, along with Swift’s ability to produce a new album every year since 2019, fans were speculating if Swift was going to announce a new project at the VMA award show. 

And, much to everyone’s excitement, that is exactly what happened. Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, “Midnights,” comes out on Oct. 21 and Swifties all around the world have been theorizing about it. Here is everything you need to know before it arrives. 

That same night, at 11, Swift took to Twitter with a picture and caption explaining her upcoming album: “Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life.”  Swift also said that this album is for “all of us who have tossed and turned and decided to keep the lanterns lit and go searching – hoping that just maybe, when the clock strikes twelve…we’ll meet ourselves.”

“Midnights’” track list has recently been released via a mini-series on Swift’s TikTok account called “Midnights Mayhem With Me.” It was a new series in which Taylor used a bingo wheel to randomly select the track titles she would release. The series lasted from Sep. 20 up until Oct. 6. 

An outcome from the MMwM series has many fans noticing a major easter egg dating back to 2019’s “Lover.” In the music video for the fourth track called “The Man,”’ the character was standing next to a wall that listed all of Swift’s past albums, and what fans have noticed is that in the middle of all the albums is the word “Karma.” This confused fans because Taylor does not have an album by this name, which led fans to speculate that “Karma” is an album that was scrapped by Swift and her album “Reputation” was released instead. There are some theories as to why she allegedly scrapped the album, one of which relates back to her beef with Kanye West in 2016. Reeling this all back to “Midnights” though, Taylor just announced that the 11th track on the album is called “Karma.”

Swift took to Instagram on Oct. 12 to talk about the upcoming song “Snow On The Beach” featuring Lana Del Ray. According to Swift, “Snow On The Beach” is about falling in love with someone, whilst they fall in love with you at the same time. It’s about wondering if what you are feeling  is really happening because it may be something you always wanted, or something you never thought would ever come true. Swift says that this is the reason for the song title, because one would never suspect for it to snow on the beach, it almost seems impossible, yet it isn’t. 

Since her debut, each of Swift’s nine albums have been a smash hit with her fans. With her most successful record “1989” selling over 10 million copies, and her most recent album “Evermore” selling over a million copies within the first week of release, will “Midnights” be any different? 

“Midnights” is available on all streaming platforms Oct. 21.