Some dorm decor options simply aren’t it

Evelyn Krupicka, Entertainment Editor

For the class of 2022, senior year is coming to a close. Some people seek their future in trade schools, the military, a gap year, or even entering directly into the workforce. College-bound students who aren’t living at home get the exciting yet difficult decision of what to decorate their dorm with. However, a dorm room can be full of red flags, both literally and figuratively. 

The lighting situation in any room is important and hard to mess up. Doing nothing about lighting, though, is a big mistake. At the very least, have a desk lamp. The best lighting is an LED string with photo clips, providing both use and decor. Color changing LED light strips are also nice for setting mood and ambiance. 

This brings me to my next big decoration: photos and momentos. These can be very cute and a personal touch to a dorm. A fun thing I have seen across Tiktok has been polaroid walls with everyone who visits the dorm. 

Another decoration that I really like for walls is vinyl records, especially painted vinyl. It can be a fun and retro-esque touch without being tacky. 

All this being said, there are a lot of things to not do in a dorm room. Too much fur is a big no-no for me. A shag rug on the floor is okay, but just picture Alex Russo’s room with the pink fur walls. Absolutely not. 

Another thing that can be really tacky is fake wallpaper, such as the kind that is meant to give the look of bricks. Like, seriously save your money for something better. 

The number one worst thing to see in any room is a “Saturdays are for the boys” flag. Sorry, but you should have just bought a red piece of fabric to hang as a flag and it would have worked the same. 

College students are often on a tight budget, but proper decor can turn a dorm room into a home.