Central Times, thank you for the memories


Katie Dalton

Senior Connor McHugh devours a breadstick in the Central times office. The image has since become a meme among the group.

Connor McHugh, Sports Editor

Like most incoming freshmen, I had lofty expectations about my high school experience. As a three-sport athlete, I figured that was going to consume most of my time. That was the case for my freshman and sophomore year. When the pandemic started and it all shut down, I didn’t know what to do with myself. As the days turned into months, I found myself longing for that sense of comradery that was easy to come by in organized sports. I knew I didn’t want to pursue collegiate athletics, but I didn’t feel I could so easily give up being involved in a team. 

That is why the summer going into senior year, I decided to join Central Times as the sports editor. Having never been on an organized team outside of sports, my expectations for the experience were mediocre at best.

The first article I was assigned to write was a review on Kanye West’s album “Donda.” The comment I received on the finished product is one I will never forget. William Tong, one of Central Times dutiful Editor-in-chiefs, said my article was “actually good.” While this might seem like a back handed compliment to many, it validated my decision to join the staff as William is known for his  high expectations when it comes to writing. It proved that my writing was already at the standard needed for publishing. 

While writing has always come to me naturally, creating a newspaper page designed for publication was uncharted waters. That first deadline week in September was a struggle to say the least. Long nights were spent meticulously adjusting minute details that seemed insignificant to the naked eye. With the help of many of the other editors on staff (and lots of olive garden breadsticks) I managed to get through my first deadline week.

The thing that surprised me the most is that even when I had such difficulty completing my page, the first time around, I still was able to have a great time while doing it. Everyone was able to joke and laugh while still being under a lot of stress and it made the whole process a lot easier.

I had found a place off of the field where team comradery thrived. This is what I had been searching for. 

As the year went on, writing articles and editing my page became easier and more rewarding. The work that I was doing seemed to be having an actual impact on people, unlike the busywork that is present in most classes. 

While it might have only been a couple, teachers and students alike had come up to me expressing how they enjoyed reading my work. 

This appreciation for what I was producing coupled with the team atmosphere that was present in creating a paper got me hooked on the experience. 

I had no idea what I wanted the direction of my life to look like going into senior year. By the end of year, I knew I did not want to lose this unique feeling of teamwork and impact. I decided to go all in and plan on studying journalism in college. 

Without Central Times, I would never have known how much I enjoy the hustle and bustle of being on a newspaper staff. I would have not found a sense of being on a team that I can continue after life on the field. 

I wish I had joined this organization sooner, but I look back on my one year fondly. I am so thankful for everything it has taught and gave me. Thank you Central Times, you will always hold a special place in my heart.