Seniors host graduation ‘block party’ in school parking lot during lunch periods


Jay Deegan

Seniors could be seen in the parking at the corner of West Street and Hillside Road having an outdoor party during lunch periods on Wednesday, May 11.

Jay Deegan, Staff Writer

Naperville Central seniors celebrated graduation with a tailgate-like party that included bags, burgers and a mini pool on May 11.

The official name of the gathering was “Adrian’s Kickback 2.0”, in reference to a 2021 party called “Adrian’s kickback” in California that went viral across social media. The gathering was in the Central senior parking lot.

“So back in 2018 there was a huge Adrian’s kickback, we’re doing it bigger and better but just at Naperville Central,” said senior Andrew Maul, the organizer of the event.

Attendance for the event didn’t come close to the thousands who attended in California, but was still seen as a success.

“We had about 60 people each lunch period, and since we held it fourth period, fifth, and sixth, we had about 180 attend. I mean, a lot of people are taking AP tests though,” Maul said.

The event included games of bags, a mini pool, water pong, lemonade, and the grilling of burgers.

“We just have a bunch of guys out here having a good time and some burgers,” Maul said.

Along with students, the gathering was also attended by various staff members throughout the period.

“We’ve only had one staff member not like it so far, so that was pretty good,” Maul said.

The flier circulated around social media advertising the event included things such as “Theme: Beach/Hawaiian/Wife Beater” and “Burgers and soda on deck.” Many students could be seen adhering to the themes listed on the flyer. 

“I think this is an awesome idea, fourth through sixth period, it’s perfect, it’s a beautiful day,” said Central senior Benjamin Anderson.