Student organized basketball draws almost 80 participants


Courtesy of Scott Damge

KC Killers member and senior Pratham Amin scores a basket against BBC in the third week of Meadow Glens Runs on April 10.

Joey Rubas, Staff Writer

Thirteen teams totaling 78 players play basketball every Sunday since March 13 as part of the Meadow Glens Runs basketball league. The league was started by Central senior Seth Lendzion this year to keep Naperville Central students involved even after most sports have ended.

“The basketball season just ended, football has been over, soccer has been over. All of us are done with Central sports if we don’t do track, so we don’t get to do a lot at the school anymore,” Lendzion said.

The league is named after Meadow Glens Elementary School, a popular spot for Lendzion and his friends to play pickup basketball. After discussing the idea to create a league with some friends, Lendzion tested interest online.

“I put out this survey on my story on snapchat… I got out of the shower and I had five teams signed up,” Lendzion said.

In the day that followed, the league ballooned to 78 Due to the unexpectedly large size, Lendzion worked with athletic director Roger Strausberger to reserve the Naperville Central basketball courts for the teams to play. 

During each of the first four weeks of the league, every team plays three to four games. The results will be used to seed the teams for a championship tournament in the last week of the league. 

After three weeks of play, teams “Shaggy Dogs” and “Street Shmeat” are tied for first place, each winning nine games and losing zero.

“[The league] is really fun and I hope it continues,” said senior Sean Wanger, a member of team “Boss Hood Army.”