Ultimate frisbee gears up to best previous season’s performance


Jay Deegan

Sophomore Camden Strougal practices throwing a flick at a scrimmage after school in the athletic fields of Knock Park.

Jay Deegan, Staff Writer

Ultimate frisbee team looks to best last year’s performance

Naperville Central’s ultimate frisbee team is looking to best last year’s performance, where they beat Neuqua Valley’s varsity team for the first time.

The team has been off to a shaky start so far this season.

“At our first tournament, we lost all three games,” said head coach Mikey Williams.

The tournaments are structured in a round robin format, where each team plays against all of the other teams at some point throughout the tournament.

A large portion of the team are newcomers to the sport.

“About 60% of the team is new to ultimate frisbee, so this year has been a really big rebuilding year,” team captain Sean Wagner said. “ We got a lot to teach all the new guys. We have a strong core of seniors and veterans to work with, which makes it easier.”

The second tournament was against the Neuqua Valley varsity team, Edwardsville junior varsity team and Edwardsville varsity team. Edwardsville’s varsity team won the tournament. 

“We played four games, and we lost all four,” said second-year player sophomore Will Stenzel, “We need to work on our horizontal stack on offense, but it was a great learning experience for us.”

The team has a small break before their next major tournament, Neuqua Knockout, from April 30 – May 1.

“We need to get everybody accustomed to the game. Learning offense is easier than learning defense. Honestly, once they play more games, they learn more,” Wagner said.