Review: ‘Encanto’ is a magical masterpiece

Evelyn Krupicka, Entertainment Editor

Disney’s “Encanto,” an animated film about the Madrigals, a family blessed with magical powers, was released in theaters on Nov. 24 and on Disney+ on Dec. 24. 

The story centers around a magical Colombian family and their duty to help their town with their powers, but their struggles and triumphs are relatable to everyone.  It’s directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, and full of colorful characters that made the story lively. Each of the people in the family Madrigal is unique and has their own character arcs and ways they grow throughout the course of the short hour and 49 minutes.

Over the past couple years, Disney has focused on diversity in their cast and storylines. From “Moana” to “Raya the Last Dragon,” both children and adults alike are introduced to more diverse cultural experiences. From these films, children of color have more characters that they can relate to and all children have a wider understanding of different cultures. “Encanto,” the latest of these types of films, is fantastic.

Personally, I thought that there was a good blend of humorous and heartwarming moments. I felt connected to the characters, especially as they struggled to find their own identities separate from merely being part of the family Madrigal. However, when there was a lapse in action Bush and Howard never failed with a well-timed joke.


While I liked lots of things about this film, the one thing I loved in particular was the music. Written by Lin Manuel-Miranda, the music enhanced the storyline and brought the movie from good to great. Even now, I still find myself listening to the soundtrack as I work on homework. 

Having thoroughly enjoyed this movie, I would definitely recommend it for both children and adults alike. Whether you need weekend entertainment or background noise for homework, “Encanto” is a great choice.