District 203 no longer requiring masks on buses


Jay Deegan

As of Tuesday Feb. 28 masks are no longer required to be worn on buses.

Jay Deegan, Staff Writer

Naperville District 203 is no longer requiring masks on school buses as of Monday, Feb. 28.

Since the return back to school, masks have been required on district buses for students and staff members. On Feb. 15, when the mask mandate in District 203 was lifted and replaced with a “strongly recommended” policy, the mask mandate on buses still stayed in place.

“Naperville 203 will no longer require students and staff members to wear masks on school buses,” the district announced in an email to the community.

This change in policy came at the heels of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mask requirement change on Feb. 25.

District 203 has followed this policy change on its own.

“The mask mandate was removed on the buses because it was a CDC mandate that ended,” said Alyssa Santella, a registered nurse at Naperville Central.

Cindy La Born, District 203 director of transportation, directed Central Times’ interview request to Alex Mayster, executive director of communications for the district, who declined to be interviewed.