Review: A dash of something nice for the holidays


Photo source: Netflix

“Dash and Lily” is streaming on Netflix now.

Evelyn Krupicka, Staff Writer

The Netflix series “Dash and Lily” was recently released on Nov. 10. It is a heartwarming holiday story of two teenagers finding love in a world that they seem alone in, and it all starts with a notebook. 

Dash is an only child of two divorced parents who never have time for him. He is an introverted bookworm just getting over a break up. Needless to say, Christmas is his least favorite time of the year with all its “false cheer.” 

Lily is an outcast who designs her own clothes. Her closest friends are more than twice her age, and she spends her weekends playing games with her grandpa. Christmas is the one time of the year that she feels she truly comes alive. When she finds out that her whole family will be gone during Christmas, Lily, with the help of her brother, decides to find the one person who is perfect for her  —  with the help of a red notebook.

 Dash finds the notebook while browsing his favorite bookstore and completes the challenges that Lily leaves inside. They seem all too perfect for each other, despite their differing views on the holidays. Their relationship blossoms over the next several episodes as they leave each other messages and dares in the notebook. In the process they do not only become closer, but they also mature as people while remaining true to themselves. 

I have to be honest with you: I am not the type to watch cheesy romance movies. In fact, I have never even watched a Hallmark Christmas movie. “The Notebook?” Hated it. “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”? Just okay. Don’t get me started on “The Titanic.” I’m sorry Leo, but it just wasn’t it. Needless to say, the romance movies I typically like fall more along the lines of “Ten Things I Hate About You” and “Pride and Prejudice.” I love a good “enemies to lovers” trope. However, Dash and Lily fell more along the lines of fluff  —  strangers who quickly fall in love before even meeting in person. 

Despite not being the kind of romance that I typically go for, I thoroughly enjoyed Dash and Lily. I would give it a solid 7/10. It’s definitely binge-worthy but not “rewatch five times in a month” level of binge-worthy. I think that it is a show for both romantics and cynics alike. At the surface, it is just a sweet teen romance, but going deeper it is a story of growth. It challenges the audience to find someone  —  whether a friend or significant other —  that can help you grow. 

In 2020, it is so hard to find hope. However, as we are all taking a break from school for the holidays, I hope that we can use this time as a season of growth. Many of us are going into the holidays lonely and single, but we must not forget that our value does not come from someone else. Take this day to write a kind note to a friend or family member and remember that despite restrictions, there are still ways that we can safely keep the holiday magic alive in our hearts.