Naperville parents organize rally to urge D203 Board to return students to in-person learning

Organizers of the rally are getting the word out in a variety of ways.

Katie Dalton

Organizers of the rally are getting the word out in a variety of ways.

William Tong, Online Managing Editor & Editorial Editor

A group of Naperville community members discontent with e-learning and what they feel is a lack of  communication from District 203 have organized a “Rally to Open Naperville Schools NOW.” The rally will take place at Rotary Hill starting at 5:30 p.m. this coming Monday, Sept. 21.  

The organization, started by several parents of District 203 students, has a Facebook page that lists nearly 200 individuals as planning to attend the rally, with more than 500 additional visitors to the page expressing an interest in attending. The rally is set to include about 15 guest speakers, including doctors, therapists and parents, and the group plans to  march around Naperville Central High School while a regularly-scheduled school board meeting is held inside. Masks are encouraged, but not required.  

District parent Jacklyn Anna Cook is one of the organizers of the event and is hoping a strong show of support on Monday will lead the school board and district administrators to amend current remote instruction plans. 

“[Students] deserve a quality, in-person education where [they] can engage with their teachers, socialize with [their] peers, and explore extracurricular activities,” Cook said. 

For more information, check out the group’s Facebook page linked above.