The wonders of hot sauce and the many uses it has in everyday life


Rebeca Jacobs

Rachel Cole, Opinions Editor

What are the words used to describe hot sauce? Caliente, a necessary sauce, flavorful, delicious? Many words can be used to describe it, but I bet no one has ever used words such as a squirrel deterrent, a solution to biting your nails, and a way to ward insects off your plants. That’s right, hot sauce is much more useful than just adding some flare to an ordinary dish.  

Now I’m a big hot sauce fanatic I will use my favorite Franks Red hot sauce on everything I eat like Doritos, cheese sticks, vegetables, and even use it to make the best buffalo chicken dip. But throughout the many times I’ve used it, I’ve wondered if there’s more than one use, and it turns out there is.  

For example, hot sauce can be used as a bird seed squirrel deterrent Whenever you have a pesky squirrel eating out of your birdfeeder you can add a few drops of hot sauce to the feeder to create a makeshift hot pepper suet. Hot peppers are a natural way to deter those squirrels and other wild animals. The best part is that birds will not be affected by the hot sauce in the bird seed.

Hot sauce isn’t just used to get rid of animals but also insects, too. Garden mites, caterpillars, and worms can all be deterred from ruining your plants by using a spray made with hot sauce. Just add two tablespoons of hot sauce and a few drops of dish detergent mixed in with a quart of water and you get a dangerous prey for all insects. You can also use hot pepper wax that can to get the job done well 

regarding insects. Other than plants and animals, hot sauce can also be used to help us. For instance, if you’re nail biter hot sauce can be used as a way to break your habit. Only for true hot sauce lovers does this backfire. Just add a few drops of hot sauce on those nails and it will definitely help those who can’t stand spicy stuff to stop this nasty habit. I’ll admit I have a nail biting habit too, and if I wasn’t so into hot sauce I would probably try this myself. 

So you see hot sauce isn’t just a way to add spice to your food, it’s also a helpful substance that can be used for normal things throughout your house. 

So hot sauce has a lot of uses and value so don’t underestimate it.