Man continues protest against City of Naperville, gives to charity


Prem Chandrasekar

Naperville resident Scott Huber lives in a tent and under tarps the corner of Ogden Avenue and Naperville Boulevard. Huber has been protesting Naperville taxes for about 18 years.

Resse DeZur, Correspondent

Most people know Scott M. Huber as the man who lives in a tent near the corner of Ogden and Naper Boulevard. However, there’s a side to Huber the city of Naperville doesn’t seem like they want to see.  

Huber, a Naperville protester, has been protesting against city taxes and unlawful law and order for over 20 years by choosing to live in a tent. While he is grateful for the donations given to him by Naperville citizens and keeps some of it for himself, Huber gives most of the money he is given to a family in the Philippines supporting for over three years. 

“Most people are just selfish and jealous and can’t stand me having good friends and helping others. You see, I am in there mentality a lazy homeless parasite that sits out here doing nothing but cluttering up their pristine Blvd who does not have a job,” said Huber. 

Although Huber is running a ministry and 4 businesses with the Philippine family to help them get back on their feet, he funds their needs with the money he gets from Naperville citizens and the people from the ministry he works at. 

While interviewing Huber, a gentlemen by the name of Ronald stopped to talk to Huber himself. The gentleman talked about his own struggles with himself throughout this year, but he seemed to have found himself when he accepted the Lord in his life. Ronald also stated he always wanted to stop and talk to Huber, but never felt like it was the right time. He gave Huber a generous donation of $100 for anything Huber needed for the winter. However, Huber was not going to keep the money for himself. 

“Thank you for this. This money will be given to my friends that I am helping in the Philippines,” said Huber. “God bless you.” 

Even though Huber has been in disagreement with city officials for many years which has caused him to move several times, he still seems to impact the people around him from just choosing to live his life in a tent. Although Ronald had never met Huber before or had any interactions with him, he seemed to have impacted his life a lot. 

“I always drive past [Huber] and have always wanted to talk to him, but never thought it was the “right time,” said Ronald. “Just seeing him protesting and the signs he has outside his tent about trusting God just really helped me find Him through a very rough time in my life.” 

Huber thanked him for his generous donation and continued to talk about how he was helping the family from the Philippines. Huber started to help this family shortly after his tents were set on fire and destroyed by a retired Chicago police officer. Huber took the donations he got from the fire and used the money to help the Philippine family. Huber eventually had enough money to rent the family a house and let them live in it rent free. He funds their food and the daughter of the family’s college education, as she had to drop out due to the father’s loss of money. Huber is in direct contact with the daughter of the family, who says she will eventually pay Huber back for all of his investments when she and her family are stable enough. 

Although Huber doesn’t have a lot himself, he still invests his time and money to help this family in need. 

“[This family] is trusting the Lord to help them turn things around and I am the Lord’s vessel that was sent to help them.”

Despite the fact that Huber does many positive things to help people, he doesn’t always receive positive things back. 

“I don’t think that anybody knows what he’s protesting, so what’s the point,” Sean Barrett, a Naperville citizen says. “He’s also just making a place look bad. I mean, it’s just a bunch of tarps and blankets, so it makes everything look ugly. I’m just really not a fan of him.” 

Barrett has never personally met Huber or had the time to really understand what he is protesting. After understanding what he is protesting and why, he explained that he does give him credit for doing what he’s doing, but still doesn’t believe that it has actually done something. 

From all the negative and positive feedback Huber gets from anybody who knows him or knows of him, he still firmly believes in what he is protesting and helping this family in the Philippines succeed.